Holotropic Breathwork™ meets Authentic Mindfulness

Long Weekend experiential Workshop (Thursday – Sunday)

7 – 10 November 2019, nearby Zagreb, Croatia

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Dear friends,

After intensive retreat we held in June, where we added the teaching and practice of Authentic Mindfulness to the deep practice of Holotropic Breathwork™, feedback from participants was so positive, that we decided to do it again ??.

This time, we are excited to invite you to join us for a long weekend (Thursday – Sunday), where we will dive into the depths of our psyche combining the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness using Holotropic Breathwork™ and integrative activities and meditation practice with Mihajlo Pažanin, founder teacher of Authentic Mindfulness studies.

Holotropic Breathwork meets Mindfulness

Those who participated at the summer workshop have experienced this unique blend of disciplines as rewarding practical training in inner work, deepening their integration processes with tools that can also be integrated into our daily lives.

At November workshop we will be offering two Holotropic Breathwork™ sessions, followed by different practices of Authentic Mindfulness, that will enable you to integrate your holotropic experiences on a different level.

Holotropic Breathwork™ will be lead by Irena Antolic & Simona Rakusa, together with extended team of GTT certified facilitators and apprentices.

You are very welcome,
no matter if you come for your personal healing and transformation,
or for professional interest.


7. – 10. November 2019.
We start on Thursday at 5:00 PM , ending on Sunday around lunchtime.
This workshop is designed as a whole, there is no option for partial participation.


Hotel Tomislavov dom, Sljemenska cesta 24, Zagreb, Croatia
This is our new, yet well known venue 🙂
It is located in the hills of the nature park Medvednica, surrounded by the beautiful serene nature. Though it is on the top of the mountain, it is easily reachable even by Zagreb public transport. (by car – less that 30 min from the city centre of Zagreb, 1 hour from Zagreb airport, about 2 hours from Ljubljana)


Cost of the workshop:
Early bird – registration till 21 October – 300 €
Regular price after 21 October – 370 €
Accommodation (3 x full board):
double room preference (3×45 €): 135 €
single room preference (3×57 €): 171 €
You are settling accommodation costs directly with the hotel when checking out.

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You are welcome, just as you are!

You are welcome, no matter if you come for your personal healing and transformation or for professional interest. If you strongly feel that you should be a part of this workshop, but your financial situation is inadequate, please, send us an email to: irena@holotropic-development.com

With love,
Your Holotropic Team

Irena Antolić

Simona Rakuša

Tom Baksa

Authentic Mindfulness – entering the space of the present moment

Over the past decades, people who are exploring the depths of their own mind, often talk about the magic of the present moment – the mystical place where one meets himself. For most of us the present moment remains just a beautiful idea, an ideal that in reality is almost impossible to tackle.. But, what if it is possible?

During our workshop, Mihajlo Pazanin will accompany participants on the path to the present moment, offering teachings and meditation methods that make it possible.

“The program is designed to enable experiential encounter with your own mind, a way to transcend the network of images, emotions, impressions and ideas typical for our common perception of the world, and meet serenity, clarity and energy that awaits on the other side.” – announces Mihajlo.

Mihajlo Pažanin

Mihajlo is practicing and studying Buddhist teachings for more than 30 years. In 2000, in agreement with Rabbi Rinpoche – the principal disciple and heir of the spiritual lineage of His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, one of the most important and respected masters of meditation in the 20th century – Mihajlo established Shechen Buddhist Society in Croatia.

With this he started a systematic introduction of the spiritual line age Nyingma (school of the ancient translations) into this part of the world.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche taught the whole generation of leading Tibetan teachers, including the Dalai Lama. During his life he gained the title of “maha guru” – a great teacher whose achievements were so outstanding that he was able to teach teachers of all Tibetan spiritual lineages.

Mihajlo was chosen as the leader of the only project out side of India where the holistic and integral system of teachings of the personal line age of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche is being offered. With the approval of his teachers, Mihajlo is guiding study groups and meditation workshops theoretically and practically rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, for last 20 years.

Mihajlo is also the lead of the School of Authentic Mindfulness, which aims to bring the ancient knowledge of the liberation of the mind closer to the needs of a modern human of the 21st century.

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